Presidential election projections

During the second presidential debate on October 6, Ford stumbled when he asserted that "there is no Soviet domination of Eastern Europe and there never will be under a Ford administration. Their votes is tallied up for the next president. His performance in the last pre-New Hampshire debate derailed that momentum.

2016 Presidential Election Polls

On the other hand, with all her shortcomings, it could be difficult for Hillary to hold onto to that advantage through Election Day. Harrisonfor the Whig Party. His unfavorables are enormous high 60's by some accounts and his message resonates with a vocal and passionate few.

The 1-year data contains only responses collected during ; the 5-year data contains responses collected during the previous 5 years: Presidential Election Overview December 15, President Barack Obama is in the evening of his eight-year presidency.

This meant that the results were based upon a sample that was generally about 1 of every 6 households but was not available by census block. The general election in November is also an indirect election, where voters cast ballots for a slate of members of the Electoral College ; these electors then directly elect the President and Vice President.

Even though it had always been clear during the campaign that Jefferson was the presidential candidate and Burr the Vice presidential candidate, Burr refused to concede The founding fathers created the electoral college because citizens were poorly educated and it was feared that the people would elect a horrible leader.

However, the 1-year release only includes the most populous areas; while it does include all congressional districts, it does not even include all counties across the nation. So, barring a Hillary indictment, an unlikely contested GOP convention, or a third-party candidate put forth by Republicans unsatisfied with Trump, we are looking at Trump-Clinton tango in November.


His likely foe is, as it has been from the moment Joe Biden declined to run, former first lady and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. But head-to-head battles aside, Donald Trump has a lot of fences to mend if he hopes to earn the vote of a majority of Americans. After his historic election inPresident Obama secured a second term in This system is used by most of the states.

It is clear that any actual apportionment of the U. And they speak volumes about the nature of the race in store. They spend months learning about the candidates.

2016 Presidential Election Polls

Several states will also hold state gubernatorial and state legislative elections. So, there is little doubt Clinton is the favorite out of the starting gate. A vice-presidential debate, the first ever formal one of its kind, [10] between Bob Dole and Walter Mondale also hurt the Republican ticket when Dole asserted that military unpreparedness on the part of Democratic presidents was responsible for all of the wars the U.

Will the race tighten up once we get past the conventions. The practice of winner-takes-all US Presidential elections developed over time. The Iowa caucuses displayed once again the power of the ground game in the Hawkeye State. Thus a 5-year dataset is needed and likely one with a midpoint ofto accomodate for a merger of the geography based upon the and Censuses.

There is no one date it all started. The Commerce Department, which includes the U. MERGE exists and is an alternate of. Presidential election results map. Blue denotes states won by Carter/Mondale, red denotes those won by Ford/Dole, pink is the electoral vote for Ronald Reagan by a Washington faithless holidaysanantonio.coms indicate the number of electoral votes allotted to each state.

United States presidential election, ← November 3, → members of the Electoral College electoral votes needed to win The electoral map for the election, based on populations from the Census.

Incumbent President Donald Trump Republican The United States presidential election ofscheduled for Tuesday, November 3,will be the 59th. Election Projections - Senate Elections - House Elections - Governor Elections To zip directly to the polls or projections for the races you are following, use the.

Nov 08,  · The estimates on this page are based on pre-election polls. For an estimate including results, The Times is providing live forecasts on election night. If the projections of economic and political analysts prove true, the Democratic presidential nominee will be named the victor once ballots are tallied on Tuesday night.

If recent polling is correct, the presidential election could come down to the votes of several electoral vote-rich battleground states whose polls close at different times throughout the evening.

Presidential election projections
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