Novotel changes management

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Mrs Garcia lost power among the staff and Mrs Moreno applied the old standards to the new organization because it served better her interest. Experimentation requires actions, and action is taken at the middle and lower echelons and at the local level in the organisation.


The possibility of achieving fast change may be considerably reduced if some or all of the parameters are reversed. This led to reduced costs.

This was a very operationminded top management team. Not the fault of the staff, goes back to Management. Clearly the members of the management team convey symbols of innovation, deliberately or not.

We gathered a mass of documents about Novotel and the industry, from inside and outside the. A systemic understanding and set of actions There have been many studies of. Hence the organisation progresses towards a state of equilibrium. Resistance to change can be turn positively by engaging in communication and consultation.

Novotel Changes Management

One key success factor for Novotel was the loose-tight combination often mentioned by other management writers studying successful process. One of these was falling occupancy that was moving opposite to data on pro.

Appropriate timing It is commonly believed that speedy change requires doing things differently from that of more evolutionary change. The duo did not subscribe to the myth of the powerful charismatic visionary leader who saves the. The quality control system is abolished.

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In short, from the Novotel story, academics may see the value of organic theories that are synthetic and integrative rather than mechanistic. The sub-title of this article— Back to the Future—was the name of the change project that Novotel adopted, and it re.

Occupancy rates at Novotel, which had hit a low in early at the start of the change programme, rose thereafter. If they are smart, they recognise that Managing Change at Novotel they can be the co-authors of the new strategy and they personify the new norms of behaviour.

Other events were shaking up the industry. The whole was checked with the participants to assure accuracy and absence of bias, and subsequently published. Involved middle and front line in the change process, giving them power to shape the outcomes.

In it had hotels in 18 European countries. Resistance points out that change is not always good, it pushes the organisation to stability, it promotes specialization and control, it looks for other solutions and outcomes. Due to the confrontation the owner realised that the organization required more staff to operate in the new standards, especially to have a fair holiday roster.

For Novotel not to have done something listed here would almost certainly have resulted in failure. New Spirit for the group; New de. Claude Moscheni who had been president of Novotel for 10 years is appointed president of Pullman International within the Accor group January The co-presidents choose the 18 members of the new top management team and reduce the superstructure by two layers February The new top management team starts working together, with two anthropologists consultants.

In this case, it is shown that a change driven only by the market can cause internal turmoil and resistance even if some key performance factors show success. We could apply Gamification theory to change management. We interpret the story by identifying eight factors that summarise the strategic and organisation dimensions of what we saw.

Other organisations in different circumstances may need different steps, but ours are commonly found in many cases of renewal. Unlike past years, it seems that few people wanted to be transferred into Novotel from other divisions.

An economic recession was beginning to bite. However there was also an entrepreneurial spirit with attitudes to customers, expansion, new ideas and in the direct relationships between hotel managers and the presidents.

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3. NOVOTEL: Change Management Programme. From Kurt Lewin’s work (appendix 1) in the s to the present day, organisational change, as a systematic process, has become the core and part of organisational life.

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Management of Innovation and Change Study of Novotel

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Informs appropriate departments of any changes in organisation Management and administration Manages the .

Novotel changes management
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