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It Chain store can be seen in many foreign counties. Step by step construction of IFE Matrix is given for the Wal-Mart An American public corporation that runs a chain of large discount department stores and a chain of warehouse stores. Sears could not match the lower prices of Wal-Mart Vance and Scott However, advertising can not be used widely in the industry because of the all kinds of different products.

They have been able to take advantage of this economic factor with ease and we rated it a 3. Universal bar codes were introduced in the retail industry by Wal-Mart, which forced manufacturers to adopt common labeling. Wal-Mart's website has been a huge success with it contributing additional revenue to the bottom line; we rated this as a 4.

Wal-Mart has the philosophy that its customers should get the lowest prices in order to lead better lives. It captures significant market share through this strategy and takes advantage of economies of scale in production, and produces on a mass scale. In the second column assign weights to each factor that ranges from 0.

So the rating is 3. Another new aspect of its strategy is to offer a more comprehensive range of products to its customers so its customer base gets increased and thus there would be an increase in its business.

Wal-Mart offers products under a number of private labels. The fact that you can buy a vast majority of everyday needs such as groceries, clothes, personal care products, electronics, among manyother products shows the commitment Wal-Mart is making to the one-stop shopping idea.

Wal-Mart is involved in a number of legal issues like the suit which alleged it of showing gender discrimination at the time of promotions, pay, training and job assignments. They process returns, refunds, and rebates quickly.

They have been able to take advantage of this economic factor with ease and we rated it a 3. Since the United States market of Wal-Mart is fast approaching a mature state, therefore the company is on the lookout for foreign destinations to expand its operations globally.

The Asian market is virtually untapped by the retail world. So the rating is 1. Under this, services like banking, insurance, and travel are now being offered to its customers.

People tend to go other places for what they want because of the better selection and quality. In the case of Wal-Mart, the total weighted score is above average, which means that the Wal-Mart strategies are effective and the company is taking advantage of existing opportunities along with minimizing the potential adverse effects of external threats.

IFE & EFE Matrices

Subscribe to Our Feed. Kmart failed to match the customer satisfaction standards of Wal-Mart Turner Inthe shares of the company got listed on the NYSE.

To take advantage of internet shopping, the industry is focused around the customer. The US has the highest per capita health care spending in the world.

An opportunity facing the industry is that the value of money is weakening. Its sales are approximately four times the sales of Kmart. High quality customer service in comparison to other discount retailers is derived through employees who are high in morale, prices that are relatively low, and customer information that is managed efficiently.

Wal-Mart is facing numerous law suits filed by its employees in relation to various HR issues, which hampers its brand image as an employer.

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Read this Literature Case Study and over 88, other research documents. External Audit - Efe Matrix for Wal-Mart. ANALYSIS OPPORTUNITIES O1. increasing internet shopping weight: пј› Wal-Martпјљ4 1.

An opportunity facing the industry is that internet shopping is /5(1). Jun 08,  · Here is an example of EFE matrix made for Wal-Mart Stores.

Steps in Developing the EFE Matrix. holidaysanantonio.comfy a list of KEY external factors (critical success factors). holidaysanantonio.com a weight to each factor, ranging from 0 (not important) to (very important).

Sep 30,  · What is the Internal Factor Evaluation Matrix of Wal-Mart? Discuss What is the Internal Factor Evaluation Matrix of Wal-Mart?

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Someone like to Help me. WAL-MART STORES, INC.: STRATEGIES FOR DOMINANCE IN THE NEW MILLENNIUM, Space Matrix, IFE EFE matrix, swot, tows, general environment and conclusion. Market Capitalization: Wal-Mart has market cap of billion US dollars which is the highest in discount, variety stores industry.

This makes Wal-Mart a mega cap company and financially very sound and very attractive for investors. External Factor Evaluation Matrix for Walmart |Key External Factors |Weight |Rating |Weighted | | | | |Score | |Opportunities | | | | |1. Increase online.

Efe matrix wal mart
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